The Latest Eye Care Technology You Should Know About

New technological innovations are coming up often and constantly changing the way eye care is delivered. This is to mean that technology is always advancing and changing the way various medical procedures and processes are done. From simple eye exams to complex surgical procedures, everything seems to be improving to change the world of eye care and medicine for the better. It does not take long before we hear of a new test or piece of medical equipment to help improve eye care. If you have taken a long time before having your optometrist perform a comprehensive eye exam, you might be surprised to see some of the latest developments in eye care technology. Below are some of the latest developments you should watch out for what you next visit your optometrist or ophthalmologist.


This is not very new to people who have been going for eye exams or have ended up in the eye doctor’s office because of eye complications. This procedure is used to reshape the cornea so that the eye’s focusing power is altered.

2. iStent, ExpRESS shunt, selective laser trabeculoplasty

Rather than using the customary eye drops for lowering intraocular pressure, there are several new procedures available for glaucoma patients. In addition, they can be used as front-line treatments

3. Argon or Diode laser

This technology applies lasers to help treat patients with retinal tears. It works by applying the laser to scar the patient’s retina, thereby allowing it to bind to the eye’s underlying tissue, thereby preventing further retinal detachment.  

4. Wavefront analysis

It involves the measurement of how the patient’s eye focuses light and is very effective in creating an eye map to allow the ophthalmologist to diagnose eye issues. Your eye specialist can also use this technology to determine the most appropriate eyeglass prescription for you.

5. Femtosecond laser

While lasers need not be used when performing cataract surgeries, this technology is incredibly precise when it comes to such procedures. It is also safe and efficient.

There are several forms of eye care technologies that can be used to treat patients with eye problems. Welcoming new technology to the world of medicine is always exciting, but the latest procedures often attract some added costs because developing any new technology or enhancing an old one is always costly. However, it is also important to note that the newest and most expensive method does not always mean the best service. You need to keep your options open when seeking eye treatments because an old technology may cost less and still be as effective as the new one. In addition, stay in touch with your eye doctor for recommendations regarding the best and most effective procedures that do not cost much. If you go for eye exams on a regular basis, you might just save yourself thousands of dollars in treatment costs for complicated eye diseases that might have been treated before reaching advanced stages.